The DSU provides a variety of services, initiatives and programmes that are aligned towards equal access and participation for students with disabilities. These includes (but no limited to) the following: 

  • Provision of assessment (to determine the needs of students with disabilities)
  • Advocacy and advice on any issues related to disability
  • Reformatting of academic material into alternative accessible formats.
  • Engaging with academic and support departments
  • Ensuring physical and information accessibility
  • Consultative support for students with disabilities
  • Provision of technical assistance (e.g on Jaws, ZoomText etc.)
  • Facilitation of extra time and other exam accommodations for students.
  • Pre Admission Support and  Support during Admission
  • Pre Orientation Support and Orientation and Registration Support
  • Accessible Student Residences
  • Support in accessing Financial Aid
  • Support in applying for Assistive Devices & Technology
  • Assessments for Reasonable Academic Accommodations
  • South African Sign Language Interpreter Services
  • Independence Training Services for Blind and partially sighted students
  • Support to academic and support staff to reasonably accommodate students with disabilities
  • Networking
  • Mobility orientation and training
  • Technical assistance
  • Computer LAN orientation and Software training
  • Training, education and awareness programmes (with students of disability and wider university population)
  • Psycho educational programmes (Exam Prep workshops, time and stress management, essay writing)
  • Outreach Programmes

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