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Staff at the university of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) is increasingly encountering on an on-going basis indigent students who come from impoverished backgrounds and perform poorly academically due to severe inadequate nourishment.  The problem becomes more exacerbated during the examination period.  

In line with its commitment to maximize its students' potential to succeed on all levels and reduce the rate of failure, the University, through the office of the Executive Director of Student Services, has implemented a plan to support these students in all colleges. 

The feeding programme allows for one meal a day during term time and the examination period.  A voucher system has been instituted that allows a student to pick up a meal from the pre-arranged service provider on each campus.  Students are screened by the student counselors and other designated staff in the colleges and is closely monitored. Precautions are taken so that the programme is not misused and abused.  The sustainability of the project is dependent upon the generosity of staff and students of the university.  

An earnest appeal is made to staff, students and other donors/sponsors who are willing to make a contribution to feed indigent students.  Be a part of the solution of this very real and challenging problem.   A donation to this fund (details below) will be greatly appreciated.   To this end all interested staff, students and donors/sponsors who wish to contribute financially are requested to complete the attached staff Stop Order form (click here) or pay directly at the university cashiers using the account details provided.

Contributions can be made in the following amounts on a monthly basis:

R60 for 2 meals; R90 for 3 meals; R120 for 4 meals; R150 for 5 meals and any higher amount. Once off donations are also most welcome.

Your contributions will ensure the success and sustainability of the feeding programme.  All contributions and expenses will be managed via the university‚Äôs accounting systems, which will be audited through the institutional processes.

Your support and assistance will be greatly appreciated towards the food security programme.  Thanking you for your committed support and assistance. 


For further information contact: 


Ms Sheri Seetal                                                                   

Food Security Project Coordinator                                                                                          

031 260 7470 



University deposits at the Cashiers on any Campus: Cost Centre MD42-11602

University Account for local deposits: Standard Bank. Account number- 053 080 998,

Branch code 045 426.  Quote reference MD42-11602

For foreign deposits university account details: Standard Bank. Account number-053 082 826,  

Branch code 045 426.  Quote reference MD42-11602  




Sheri also serves as the Primary Advisor for Golden Key (Westville Campus)


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