Student Governance and Leadership Development (SGLD) Department is one of the departments in the Student Services Division.

It is responsible for overseeing, coordinating, administering and supporting the CSRC, (5) Local SRCs and (168) Clubs and Societies across UKZN’s five (5) campuses.



  • Administer and Support the operations of all SRCs and Clubs and Societies across UKZN.
  • Oversee the overall functioning of all SRCs and C & S.
  • Manage the resources placed in the hands of the SRCs and C & S.
  • Effectively monitor and control the budgets and expenditure of all SRCs and C & S.
  • Provide transportation services to all our student governance structures.
  • Develop, train and mentor student leaders.
  • Facilitate co-curricular activities and student life.
  • Intervene, when necessary, where disagreements or conflicts exists between student leaders
  • Play an intermediary role between the University staff members, structures, stakeholders (internal and external) and the student leaders.
  • Research best practices and develop relevant policies to enhance the execution of our mandate

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