On-Campus Residences- All our residences are Self Catering and we do not provide meals to students. Communal kitchens are provided with stoves and fridges and microwaves.

The on-campus residences accommodate 1810 students. We have Oval, S-Block, R-Block, P-Block and O-Block. O-Block accommodates females only while all others are mixed gender. Oval Residence has got five blocks. Blocks A&D accommodate only female students and Block B&E accommodate male students. Block C is for Post Graduate Students. All residences have access control, television rooms, laundry rooms and parking space.

Off-campus residences accommodate 543 students. These residences are fully furnished. All students share in double rooms. Occupants share a kitchen and a bathroom. Dunstaple Heights is in Varsity Drive whilst Santa Cruz is in Reservoir Hills.

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